How To Promote Your Book Online

Patrick Mahomes MVP

The Knowing how is the showing how. How to promote you book online. After my first experience with an online training and marketing company I knew I was not interested in being a direct computer and online tools and mysteries guy. I found a company who provides all of that.

I learned it and I will tell you exactly where, how and from whom and you will be very happy with me. And trust this is no lead funnel scam to hook you and reel you in to the tune of hundreds upon hundreds amounting to thousands of dollars. Very affordable, as you will find.

Writing books is what I have chosen for my vocation. Based on my personal experience I write books on prophesy of the Bible solving word problems God boasted long ago he had placed within his word (the Bible) for the wise to find. But that’s me.

What have you written about or what is it you want to write about? We’re looking for your persona or voice. Who are you and what do you want to communicate? To whom and for what ultimate purpose do you write?

Going about it the right way is important whether you write fiction novels, short story collections, physics of the universe, theology, you name it.

JAXXY is a great tool for discovering keywords and keyword phrases. Keywords are the things you and everybody else types into the search bar to find dog food, sweater buttons, bubblegum or whatever you are searching for on the web.

If I had a coach to begin with, as good as I am, he/she would have started me finding a good keyword phrase to use as the title of my book. Keywords in page/post titles, hashtags, etc., and placed in the content of you writing draws organic search engine traffic to you site.

You can have a coach who is able in a few short lessons to have you up and running and headed toward Online Entrepreneur Certification through his fifty easy to follow lessons. I have written a detailed explanation of the value packed wealthy affiliate hosting and training program. Plus you can try it for free. Go Here.

Traffic is visitors to you website to view offers such as you books or products you market in conjunction with you book. The more traffic the more book sales and book royalties as well commissions as advertiser for Amazon as example when you visitor clicks and buys from those affiliates you link you site too.

Book publishing, as also web training, hosting, website building is simple for me. I recommend only Owned and operated by one who has become my friend, Angela Hoy, along with her husband Richard, the experience publishing my two books has been a complete pleasure.

This alongside the horror stories experienced and told by many others who were not fortunate enough to find booklocker and Angela and Richard to begin with. Two words: TOTAL INTEGRITY. Angela is an author of many books herself and she exudes kindness, patience and empathy for her published writers.

Mark Levine author of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing has very nice things to say about Angela and Richard. His recommendation on their publishing package price and the highest royalties for POD self publishers caused me to submit my manuscript with I reviewed his book on

Reviewing books will enhance you own book promotion. In the good reads community top reviewers are celebrities some with very large followings. You should go to and sign up today. There you will be networked in to a community of millions who love to read and discuss books.

Good reads is sort of like face book for readers, authors and book lovers. Best advice is to go there and begin to learn how get around there. Put some books on you shelves, please include mine, and review a few books there to begin you good reads journey.

Foundational Learning: Do this: 1) join good; 2) Subscribe to Writer’s Weekly E zine by Angela Hoy (will give you a good feeling for her integrity and explain her publishing BE SURE TO TELL HER I SENT YOU IF YOU SUBMIT A MANUSCRIPT, PLEASE) Go HERE; 4) suggested reading The Fine Print of Self Publishing by Mark Levine (review it on good reads); 5) Take action today, procrastination will bring exactly what it always has. 6) Go Here to begin to investigate the very best online business hosting and training. 7) Go Here to check out my book website. Chris. 2/20/2019.



Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is a phrase you will hear in the online business world.  Online businesses thrive on social media.  Facebook has 2.27 Billion users per month in 2017. That is a 10% increase over 2016.  Twitter is another huge network for online users, with 326 Million daily users in 2018.  Google +,          Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr and the rest have similar statistics.


The benfits of social media marketing for small business cannot be overlooked.  Your online business plan should absolutely include the value consideration of social media networks.  Social media networking is an absolute must. Social media brings you to a network of billions of potential customers.

List for social media platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Tumblr cover the major sites.  Seven social media sites here with Billions of overall users every year.

Use of keyword driven content is the red carpet rolled out into the internet to welcome users who find your Google indexed content by typing in search phrases.  What you type into your browser when searching leads you to someone’s red carpet to choose where you enter.

SEO, JAXXY keyword search and optimized social media presence are important.  Search engine optimization on Wealthy Affiliate using “SEO all in one” and JAXXY (unlimited searches) and Sociable (social media optimization) are included in Kyle’s lessons in Online Entrepreneur Certification training.

The 50 lessons Kyle has established, teaches and upgrades have been used by 1.4 million plus users to accelerate traffic attraction to their many websites hosted on Wealthy Affiliate’s Servers.

Aside from organic search traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing social media marketing traffic into the thousand upon thousands of visitors can be realized.

Wealthy affiliate training features individual lessons on the Sociable plugin, and Pinterest, visual social media platform and the SEO all in One gives organized marketing opportunity in all the major applications.  Kyle teaches you to add, activate and configure Sociable.

Using Gravatar you will learn to create an avatar (picture on your posts) to identify your site visually.  You will have the photos signature of your choosing on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google + and the rest.

Kyle also presents and individual lesson on Pinterest a huge market featuring how you can pin site pages and posts to images in your Pinterest boards then by following and having others follow you your content and affiliate marketing offers are viewed by many potential visitors and customers.

The more images you pin the bigger your potential for visitors and potential customers grows.  Go pin happy.  Pinterest is easy and Kyle’s 12 minute video shows you hos to begin working to generate traffic using the application.  It’s fun.  Get with Kyle for twenty five hours or so and learn to have fun while set yourself free.

But you’ll need to begin at the beginning.  Kyle at very easy to follow pace will help you establish a niche in your market of interest, then in minutes show you exactly how to set up your site in a few clicks.  From there he will show you how to set the site up to draw traffic from the web.

You will learn how to register with affiliate advertisers like,, and thousands of others from there to advertise and sell their products on your site as an affiliate publisher.

And the value here of the hosting and the training here at Wealthy Affiliate is unmatched.  Furthermore you can try it for FREE, Did you hear, FREE?  Yes I said try a complete full access TRIAL FOR FREE.  Nothing held back you will see everything there is to see here at Wealthy Affiliate.

I give you my word you will not be subjected to some up selling, suck you in scheme, and drag you along for more and more money as you go. Not a lead funnel!  What you see here is exactly what you’ll get.  Please accept my invitation to examine the fantastic value in the hosting, the features and the fantastic training, which will dispose of all questions about online business systems, that computer that intimidates and the world of affiliate marketing.  Especially if you are a beginner GO HERE TO READ MORE

Go here to learn more and use the link there to get to the blue SIGN UP key.  My promise to you is that if you are wanting to build an online business this is the best place to go anywhere on the internet.  Come and see for yourself today.  Yours Very Truly, Chris Queen 1/10/2019.  You will THANK ME!  Please E mail me at or text me at

(985) 326-1577  Be sure to put your name near the beginning of your text.  





Starting An Easy Online Business For Dummies. – A Beginners Guide To Affiliate Marketing

starting an easy online business for dummies
Woman With A Book

Yes a play on the common computer book title form for self effacing Beginners.  So let’s figure out the best place to start as online business beginners.  As a young boy, of six, I once guided my own mother through the Louisiana swamp surrounding our house in Slidell, Louisiana. As then, not wanting my mom to be bitten by a water moccasin, snapping turtle or alligator, I led the way.

starting an easy online business for dummies
The Swamp

You would like to have your own online business in affiliate marketing or you would not be reading this. You need a guide, as my mom did, if you do not already know this swamp.  Online business opportunity is what we need to help you find and accomplish. Creatures of various kinds wait in the bushes to deliver your dreams or their trauma, here draining your budget, often in return for nothing, if you enter unawares.


starting an easy online business for dummies
Online Business

My own history includes, wisdom from experience, attempting to promote a CD of my songs beginning in 2014. Next I wrote a couple of books on the gospel and prophecy and with the promotions manual my publishers provided I set up my first website.  On my own, with a Premium Plan at Bought a domain name and started by writing a couple of pages and then posting on my blog.

I have no issues with except the limitations placed on me there in regard to plugins and free features offered by Google which would require three times the $ 99.00/ Yr. Price for their Business Plan.

starting an easy online business for dummies
Next Move

My next move on the internet in May 2018, due to breaking my ribs, unable to work and needing to pay the bills was Rory Ricord ( which, as one of the pages on this site reveals, I would, as your guide suggest you avoid. Unless you have sales experience or talent to direct up sell MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business.

It’s not all bad, I did get most of my money back out of Rory’s Program due to having sales experience and through dumb luck, the MLM is growing because my sponsor is a talented salesman.

starting an easy online business for dummies
Money Back

I have put up a new website to more passively promote that business, now with residual income (small) but growing. Every couple of days I get an E mail telling me a new distributor has been signed up in my organization. Got 3 yesterday and another one today.  God is Great. Life is Good.

starting an easy online business for dummies
Your Time

The secondary issue there, is your time, with the approach placing you as the “one on one” mentor to teach those you recruit.  How to of Start An Internet Business?  But you don’t know how to do that you say? Neither did I, yet I was thrown into the middle of it with far less experience than I needed to be a beginners’ guide to affiliate marketing.

Starting an easy online business for dummies
Rocky Mountains

As your guide I will tell you here how after several years of unsuccessful and medium successful internet marketing attempts  (explained above) EXACTLY how you should go about this. Now with a lot more understanding and knowledge gained in my new training here.

starting an easy online business for dummies
Free Sailing

Website building here is simple. Three or four clicks and you have a WordPress Website. Better features than my Premium Plan by far. And for beginners none of this is mysterious to accomplish. For thirteen years Kyle (founder) has done affiliate marketing successfully online and teaches in the Online Entrepreneur Certification training.

Kyle at very reasonable pace (None of this clic, clic bang there you go you got it styles that most computer instruction consisists of) Kyle is very easy to follow. It is also interactive as you can pause the video wherever you like, with one click, open your own site, for “monkey see monkey do”, toggle back and do the next step.  It is very easy.

starting an easy online business for dummies

I promise, if you are a beginner, you will love the 50 ten minute to thirty minute videos covering every step needed to create a traffic attracting website, built on quality keyword content. No you do not have to be a professional writer.

Kyle begins by helping you decide on a niche. A Niche in affiliate marketing means focused space in a market. Based on your interests it might be seat covers for cars, buttons, bows, fish food, bird feeders, drumsticks, guitar picks, beauty products, make up, perfumes, cell phone accessories, or whatever. With nearly four billion people shopping on the internet anything will work.


starting an easy online business for dummies
A Few Days

In two or three days you will have a niche and a site. Kyle will teach you what plugins you should use (included) for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and teach you to write content that google will index, beginning to draw organic traffic to your site.

He will teach you to use JAXXY very simple to use. A search engine keyword tool (included) so you can match your content to what searches people are typing into their browsers.  Rolling out the red carpet with keywords, that are pertinent to your niche and offers, integrated in your content.

Kyle will teach you how to get links from,,, (examples of affiliate advertisers) and this opens up thousands upon thousands of advertisers who will pay you commissions, as a publisher, when your visitors click on your links to their offers, and buy products on their site.  That is how this works, A to Z.  Here, you will learn it all in a very organized environment for this learning.  You will never be confused about the computer or the internet again.

starting an easy online business for dummies
The Whole Alphabet

In short Kyle will teach you everything you need to know (the ABC’s) to go from how to build an easy online business for beginners to becoming an experienced online marketing pro, in a very short period (a few months).

starting an easy online business for dummies
Team Learning

In addition to Kyle’s training you have access to the Ambassadors and other affiliate pros and learners like yourself in 24/7 Live Chat and you may follow those you are impressed with and you’ll find most times they follow you too.  They give valuable Tips and their own sponsored training’s, so you’ll never wander for assistance.  Kyle and Carson are also there and interacting daily.

There are also classrooms and live training sessions put on by the veteran Pros. You will learn as much as you want and soon be helping others if you’d like. The community is amazing.

starting an easy online business for dummies

Now you’ve seen them all over the internet with razzmatazz, smoke, glitter bomb high pressure selling you to click here to learn the latest and greatest techniques to become an instant mo billionaire.  Those are called lead funnels as they suck you in further, they spring the price on you with 24 hours to act.  For some reason they are in a huge rush to get your credit card number to have you in the bag as they say.  Maybe there is no business behind the fireworks and manic urgency at all???  That is true with some of them, while others are legitimate but how do you tell?


starting an easy online business for dummies
Cadillac Luxury

Not here: Here, you get to try everything, nothing is held back at all, UP FRONT TRY IT ALL FOR FREE. Try it and love it or move on, all without spending a cent.  Like test-driving a Cadillac you can put the whole network, training and incredible value through the paces. See for yourself!

Wealthy Affiliate, knowing what I know now, is the only way I would start as a beginner to learn online business for beginners, this is the paramount value available anywhere.

My progress thus far: I have completed the third phase of the five phases of Kyle’s training. The Five Phases of Kyle’s Training in Online Entrepreneur Certification proceeds through 5 phases entailing 50 lessons.

The Titles of the five phases are: 1) Getting Started; 2) Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website; 3) Making Money!; 4) Mastering Social Engagement; 5) Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation.

Through the training, to this point, I have learned from Kyle how to build a site (I have built 2).  You are in one of them here Genuine Article Online Coach at (online is unavailable) and the other is West Coast Wine Lovers at (my own registered domain).

starting an easy online business for dummies

Both of these are indexed with google and drawing traffic.  Traffic is the key and content that helps your visitors with valuable information is the key to success, as Kyle has taught me and 1.4 million others. That’s right 1.4 Million People are active here.

In addition, the training I have received here, has led to increasing worldwide traffic on my original book promotion website as well and I am selling my books finally.  Thanks to Kyle’s instruction.


starting an easy online business for dummies

When my contract with expires in May I plan to move that website to the Wealthy Affiliate platform because the hosting (websites have to be hosted by a hosting provider) at Wealthy Affiliate is far superior.

As of now on my own previously owned website,, Premium plan, I cannot add plugins. On both of my Wealthy Affiliate sites (above) I learned from Kyle how to install, activate and configure: 1) “SEO All in ONE”; 2) Ewww Media Optimization plugin (Images and Videos etc.; 3) Pretty Link to shorten, customize and store links I use on my sites; 4) JAXXY Lite, KeyWord search (unlimited key word searches, included at no additional charge); 5) Sociable (Social Media Optimizer) Kyle also taught me how to install and configure Google Analytics (traffic analysis) and Gravatar to add images (Nancy and I) to my Social Media Signatures. There are thousands of plugins you can get for WordPress here.  Some are Pro upgrades that do cost more money but Kyle discourages that, explaining you don’t need them.

I wish I had run across Wealthy Affiliate when I released the CD and the books beginning over four years ago now.  By now, I would be making large sums of money.  I was spinning my wheels without direction and effective training.  Beginning with Wealthy Affiliate and the training and with the superior hosting you will begin almost immediately to get traction.

There’s more, continuing with the fantastic hosting value here. I paid $ 99.00 for my website and hosting for a year at, then $ 26.00 to register my domain name ( for one website where I cannot add any plugins. In order to have plugins, to optimize my site, I need Business at $ 299.00 per year.

Add Jaxxy for $ 19.00 per month (included here at no additional cost) and we are at $ 46.00 per month, for “one website” with “no plugins.”  Like a sailboat in a hydroplane race.

WordPress support will not tell me the cost for SEO All In One, Ewww, Sociable, Pretty Link etc. So the cost is unknown. Here at wealthy affiliate I get JAXXY (no additional cost) and all these plugins (No additional cost) on every site I build.

I can, amazingly, have 25 websites here in the and another 25 websites with my own registered domains. Yes up to fifty websites hosted here. The cost anywhere else would be $ 250.00/mo. Or more, depending on the cost of plugins.

Wealthy Affiliate with all the training, the network of many other trainers and people to answer questions 24/7, potential to build 25 websites (no additional cost) fifty altogether with 25 registered domains (a couple bucks each, per year, from go daddy) Wealthy Affiliate does not cost $ 250.00/mo. But would be worth every penny of that.

Wealthy Affiliate does not cost $ 100.00 per month for all the value for you here especially if you are a beginner building a business online.

FACT: Free to test drive it and kick the tires. After the seven days FREE TRIAL you can opt to go forward, with two websites for free (minus the training and the live chat JAXXY with only 30 searches per month) for FREE. Or at seven days (right up to expiration time) for $ 19.00 you can continue on the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plan for 30 more days to give it a thorough test.

If you love it, like I did, you can stay permanently at the end of the thirty days for just $ 49.00 per month. There is an annual payment plan that saves you a little money too.  Remembering I would pay almost as much for one website with JAXXY and perhaps more with the plugins, included here at Wealthy Affiliate’s modest price for the value  I cannot find hosting or training to rival this anywhere and I am here to stay.

You may be wondering why I would want 25 websites?  An idea I have is to do seasonal sites beginning next year.  Superbowl with affiliate links, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and plan to do guitar upgrade instruction and parts kits etc. Political bumper stickers, T-shirts (both political parties).  If you can imagine it and figure out how to monetize it?  The sky is truly the limit here.

Incidentally, regarding cost, in 13 years Kyle and Carson boast there has never been a price increase at Wealthy Affiliate. They say there never will be. Further, there is no up selling or network marketing plan sponsored by Wealthy Affiliate here.

When you try Wealthy Affiliate whether 7 days or 37 days ($ 19.00 total) you see exactly what you are getting if you decide to stay for good, like I did, along with 1.4 million others.

How beginners can build an easy online business is defined by Wealthy Affiliate. Or old pros who know amazing value when they see it. Go Here! TRY IT NOW FOR FREE!  Click on Blue Sign Up Key and get started on your bright future today.  You will be glad you did and you will thank me.  E-mail me with further questions at

Join us today and start planning your boss’ going away party.  Make your family happy with that trip to Hawaii. Or your grandchildren with Disney World.  Let your imagination run free.

If you are a beginner in the internet business world, as your guide, the genuine article, I cannot, with a clear conscience recommend starting anywhere else, except here at Wealthy Affiliate. Go HERE to learn more and sign up.  Chris Queen 12/21/2018  Please leave your comments.


Steps To Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing

steps to be successful at affiliate marketing
Whole Picture

The primary question is what will you promote?  Do you want to promote a $ 15.00 product with a 7% commission (little over a dollar per sale).  Or as I show you here a $ 49.00/mo product that pays you 50%/mo. ongoing ($ 23.50 ongoing)?  With 4 Billion people on the internet either path will work in your niche.  Even a $ 500.00 @ 7% would be far inferior.  

steps to successful at affiliate marketing

1000 sales to make $ 1,000.00 with a 15.00 item @ 7 %.  1,000 sales with $49.00 product @ 50% is $ 23,500.00 and it is persistent, meaning $ 23,500 per month, and growing.  I like plan 2.  Especially the ongoing income from the original sale.

 You’ll Need a Website

When I started, my book publisher suggested Premium Plan which includes E mail support.  This costs $ 99.00 per year.  Then you have to register a domain name, $ 26.00.  Total $ 125.00 per year. 

steps to be successful at affiliate marking
Keep Smiling

Limitation, because you cannot load plugins unless you pony up for $ 299.00 + $ 26.00 (domain) @ $ 325.00 per year for their Business plan.  Add JAXXY keyword search (you’ll need keywords) for $ 19.00 per month and you’re at $ 46.00 per month, still, with uncertainty about what plugins will cost. will not tell you in advance what the plugins run.

WordPress offers another program called  There is far less support and of course it is therefore less expensive.  So if you’re like I was and need some help putting your site together this is less attractive. gives you a free website, hosting on “Blue Host” costs $ 2.95 per month.  This is way cheaper.  But you’re essentially on your own without anyone to hold your hand.  Again, your guess is as good as mine on the cost of plugins to properly equip your site to draw traffic.    


steps to be successful at affiliate marketing
Outdated Idea

Search engine optimization, despite all the misinformation is 80-90 done for you when you publish a WordPress website these days.  Google, Bing Yahoo and WordPress have interest in helping people who type in words or phrases find what they are looking for.  In the old days (1990’s to the middle of the last decade) IT had to optimize a website.

Those days are in the main behind us.  Though there are many who still operate on the premises of the past.  The misinformation continues to proliferate.  I got mine (information) from document library from support.  Driving a Model T are you?  The boss, doesn’t get it and will go for it!

Time To Trade

steps to be successful at affiliate marketing
Mustang GT

Search engine optimization (SEO) is aided in WordPress, the finest website building platform available, by a plugin call “SEO All in one.” Images need to be optimized to shrink the size of the digital footprint allowing faster downloads for visitors to your site(s).  “Ewww” image, video, audio, optimizer plugin does this very nicely.  

You will want to have a link shorten-er to reduce the three line long links you sometimes deal with.  “Pretty Links” plugin does this very well and saves the links in your site editor for easy search and reuse of the modified links.  “Sociable” is a great plugin to set up you social media sites, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram for posting for traffic to your site.


Keywords are what you type into your browser when you are searching online.  It is possible to know what people are searching, number of times per month a keyword is searched, how many pages are competing on a given keyword and other attributes useful for tailoring your content for potential vistiors to land on your website.  JAXXY is the premier keyword search tool.  To purchase it stand alone will cost you money aside from Web hosting and Domain Registration.  It is included at no additional cost in the Premium Plan  Go Here to learn about the value.     

Only One Website

If I were to upgrade to Business Plan, while also still uncertain of the cost for the plugins, I would only have hosting for one website.  Maybe I could save money on the total package with, but we are uncertain of the plugin total cost also.  On top of that I would have less support.  

All In One Place

First off we started above liking 50% commission continuing forward.  It’s here!  Next we need support.  Its here and the quality beyond our imagination, with 50 individual video training sessions that are easy to follow (not the usual click click click, there now you’ve got it).   


Also interactive, you can open your website follow along and do tasks as they are presented.  Getting every detail correct.  The training teaches you everything you will ever need to know about how to be successful at affiliate marketing.  It is called “Online Entrepreneur Certification.”  Put it on your resume.’  You will have a website within a couple hours built with three clicks, Kyle showing you the way.   

UnMatched Value Anywhere

The value here is unmatched anywhere.   Aside from the magnificent commission and ongoing income.  You get JAXXY keyword search included and not only WordPress Business but WordPress “Enterprise” hosting, same as the big girls because with 1.4 Million Wealthy Affiliate Associates this is an enterprise. 

 JAXXY And the Plugins Are Included

JAXXY as well as the plugins mentioned above, recapping, you get “SEO All In One” with training, also Sociable (w/training), Pretty Links (w/training to get your social networks in the game), Ewww (Optimization for images, videos and audio … w/training).  You will not be in the dark here.  No additional cost.  Thousands of plugins available too.  Some do cost extra.  Kyle says you don’t need them.

It’s Simple, Our Training Works.

steps to be successful at affiliate marketing
It Works

Quoting the Website within Wealthy Affiliate“The training at Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t just simplify processes, it’s better in every single way. From the moment that you go Premium you are going to unlock access to the most sophisticated training platform in the industry. For newbies and advanced marketers alike, our focus with all training is teaching you how to create a successful, long term business within the online space.”

Websites yes, “Websites”

Not limited to one, you’ll have 25 sites you can build and experiment with to fine tune your niche and its reach.  Further these 25 plus 25 more with your own registered domains.  And if you already own a site or sites you can move them and have them hosted within Wealthy Affiliate also.  Far superior hosting on enterprise level servers.

   Add It Up

steps to be successful at affiliate marketing
Simple Addition

Recapping, all the plugins you need in 25 sites and you can try it all out for free to see for yourself if I am speaking the truth.  So the only thing holding you back from staying home with your children, mom; or ending your hate relationship with rush hour; or going to Timmy’s baseball games; or continuing to deal with unsatisfying employment; or that boss you’d love to be done with. THE ONLY THING IN YOUR WAY, IS YOU!  No other sensible course.  GET STARTED NOW!  HERE!  I’m Headed For The Top.  Come Along If You Like.  



Start Affiliate Program Here

Since December 17, 2017 JAXXY keyword search tool has been incorporated into the Wealthy Affiliate program hosting.  The best way to learn affiliate marketing is here at Wealthy Affiliate.  I am amazed at the training and tools at my disposal here. See below:

Wealthy Affiliate Announced December 17, 2017:

“It is official, as of today Jaaxy is NOW integrated into the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate!

Jaaxy is Now Completely Integrated in Your Life.”

Above taken from Wealthy Affiliate’s actual announcement December 17, 2017.


JAXXY is the paramount affiliate marketer’s keyword searching tool, but has many other features and benefits as well.  It can be used to search avalability of domains as well.  This and many other tools there to refine keyword searches.  The tool tells you the competition with a given keyword and how many average searches on the keyword per month as well as how many searches you can expect per a given keyword or phrase, to head you down the path to ranking in google.


A Good google raking places your site’s address near or at the top of the page, keywords being “what people are actually typing into their browser when searching for information or products in your particular niche market.”  Adding the keywords to your content gets you indexed with google, yahoo and bing. So google can find you.  Took me under two weeks for two pages on this site to be indexed.


Being indexed is the first step on the path to being ranked with google, and also bing and yahoo.  So those looking for you can find you through your being ranked in google. JAXXY here in Wealthy Affiliate also provides those with Premium membership unlimited number of keyword searches.  The basic, free plan provides you 30 searches per month if I recall.  No training curve, JAXXY is simple to use.

JAXXY window in wealthy affiliate


I began with online business in 2014 with the release of my CD “Look Up Now” a “It’s a Rockin Little Record I Want My Jockey To Play.  Roll Over Beethoven.” by Chuck Berry.

Next I wrote a book about prophesy and word problems in the Bible and at advice of my publisher got a Premium Plan website with WP Support to put up recently expanded to cover more subject matter as my online interests have grown since Wealthy Affiliate in November 2018.


While I am drawing traffic on the genuine article site, that did not truly happen until I began training here at Wealthy Affiliate in Kyle’s 50 (10-30 minute) video training sessions (very easy to use) within “Online Entrepreneur Certification” also included in the Wealthy Affiliate hosting and training.


This is the best way to learn how to start an online business anywhere.  The website affiliate marketing program is the business you want to learn for the long haul, avoiding the sales funnel instant success whazzoo all over the internet.  It takes work, however, writing a post or two each day embedding keywords in your content is preferable to running after prospects, 12 hours per day, stringing them along after being strung along yourself to a mysterious destination that may or may not pan out, in the end.  The check you write them is the point and there are no up sells at Wealthy Affiliate.  What you try is what you buy, if you choose WA and the test drive is FREE (Link below)


Proof is in the pudding and there are one and one half million active users in Wealthy Affiliate (1,500,000).  As Abe said, “you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”


JAXXY as an independent tool for website optimization costs $ 19.00 per month for the Pro program, if purchased online independently. Here it is included at Wealthy Affiliate along with world class WordPress hosting one servers with the big boys, ability to have 25 websites at no additional cost, then another 25 websites with you own domain names and the best training on websites, drawing traffic and affiliate marketing anywhere on the internet.  Show me a better way.


Lately I have had many people follow me on my independently owned website I had prior to my opting for Premium program here at Wealthy Affiliate. I plan at expiration of my WordPress Premium hosting contract to move the hosting of that website here where I have plugins available including “All in one SEO” along with Ewww image optimization and this would cost $ 299.00 per year for “Business Plan” hosting for my single website, plus the cost for SEO and JAXXY, would cost way more than Wealthy Affiliate Premium.  Additionally, where Amazon, for instance pays 7% commission on affiliate sales, Wealthy Affiliate pays 50% commission.  JAXXY, and the hosting here for 25 + 25 websites makes Wealthy Affiliate the best website building hosting, training and traffic attraction value anywhere.


Please be my guest, the red carpet is rolled out for you!  Go HERE to try Wealthy Affiliate for free, sign up to get started, hit the training tab for your fist tour with Kyle, follow his lead establish a niche and build a website, to see if I am testifying truthful, as usual. Than You. Chris Queen 12/05/2018.



Total Access Training Online Business Free Trial.

The information in the writing on your website helps your customer if they find that information useful.  These days it is called content.  Your most valuable asset is a customer and they find you through your effective use of the written word to bring them to you through the search they enter into their browser.  Keyword targeted content.


For instance, I just changed the title of this page based on a keyword search in JAXXY.  JAXXY is a very helpful tool and included here in Wealthy Affiliate Premium platform along with “Enterprise Level” hosting and the training Kyle and the Live chat is unrivaled.  This is the best hosting environment and training available on the internet.


I started a year and a half ago with a new book, just published, and bought a hosted WordPress Premium Plan for $ 99.00, registered my domain,  and started pressing the buttons to find out what they do.  In a little over a month here, since my free trial offer and my decision to upgrade to the premium program here at Wealthy Affiliate I have learned enough to make progress setting up my own prior owned website too.


Now when WordPress support shares a document on an given app, or technique, to integrate into my book promotion page we can intelligently discuss it.  Then I can read the document and return to them with a more intelligent set of questions than a few months ago.  The discouragement I experienced, months ago, through uncertainties, is alleviated because Kyle has taught and is teaching me the things I need to know and understand to draw traffic to my websites.


Online these days, the plethora of gurus, want hundreds or thousands to teach you the online marketing secrets.  Free trial offers online are usually magnetically charged lead funnels to make you want more and pay dearly for it.  This is fine if the guru has integrity and actual value to offer.


Here the free trial offers online gives you Full Access to the entire features in Wealthy Affiliate so “you know exactly what you are buying” and this value makes it easy to make the decision to brew a thermos of coffee, drive by that Seattle based coffee shop and afford the very humble monthly price to go with the Wealthy Affiliate Premium program to learn content driven marketing in Online Entrepreneur Certification Training.  Just try it!  If you do I’m sure you will buy it and it is very affordable.


You will want to upgrade too.  I give you my assurance here before the entire world today there are no hidden subsequent costs and these are the best affiliate programs in existence to my knowledge anywhere.  Incidentally there has not been any price increases in the history of Wealthy Affiliate and Kyle and Carson (the founders) assure us there will not be.  That is why there are 1.5 million active users here.

Jeremiah, Julian and I


You will be refreshed and pleasantly surprised to find the magnificent value here in regard to ease of use, the simple straight ahead approach in the training, ability to review and pick up where you left off, the unheard of value in the hosting platform, plugins included which would cost me extra to add in my prior owned Premium Plan WordPress hosted site, and JAXXY keyword search tools already included too.


You will be amazed that the truth of all matters is laid bare and in the open here too.  The founders deliver on their promise to you.  Please try the free trial for yourself.  Free Trial GO HERE!  If you try it and can honestly tell me where there is a better value anywhere, I will definitely take a look.


To day, through growing confidence, I have this site and two more, the premium WordPress Hosted site where I promote my books.  GO HERE.  And another hosted here at Wealthy Affiliate with my own domain name GO HERE!









Chris Queen here, with results, on day 12 of my Premium membership.  I added plugins for SEO as shown by Kyle in his training.  Sociable and SEO All In One, beginning two days ago.  SEO for those as yet unfamiliar means Search Engine Optimization.  Apparently Kyle does know what he is doing as my traffic has increased.  Further I got an Email from Kyle and Carson congratulating me because I have been indexed in google.  Hurray.  No indexing occurred in the almost five months I labored intensely at Rory Ricord.  This positive result at Wealthy Affiliate confirms my suspicion that any indexing or rating over there at Rory’s Rickshaw.

As I have claimed and revealed, as an insider (GO HERE FOR PROOF) Rory is focused on MLM and up selling his “anchor offers.”  With very little organic search engine traffic indexing and rating (placement near top of first page searched) are unlikely.  A friend, while I was there, was approved for google adsense explaining to me she finished her content (modifying her links and writing original content) then she explained she then contacted friends and family asking them to visit her site so she would have some … traffic.   Then she wrote her letter and applied for google adsense approval.  She failed to answer my query as to how much traffic she has since been getting.  I know my site was drawing essentially none.

Wealthy Affiliate is free to test drive for 7 days and can be kept for free to simply build a website.  GO HERE NOW to get started.  Bonus for acting now you will receive 1) Ongoing training in Wealthy Affiliate boot camp with the co-founder Kyle doing the training (70 precise lessons).  Open group chats with many experienced there also showing you the way.  You may be retired and in need of more money to supplement your fixed income or a young adult looking for a career path.  Please visit my site and read my comparative review of the Rory Ricord Program and the Wealthy Affiliate Training.  Rated as the best training you can find.  Please accept my personal invitation.  Contact me:  Text or call me at Google Voice:  (985) 326 1577.  Either way, no matter your situation, or where you are on the earth, what you want is HERE.



IS RRR247 (formerly A SCAM?

Is RRR247 a Scam?  That is a complicated question, answered here by a former insider at  Rhetorically:  Can a sales pro enter the stream and make money blogging with Rory?  NO!  This author is of the opinion it is nearly impossible to be rated with the scatter gun “Online Amazing Offers” or variations thereof.  But then again yes, a seasoned sales pro or a natural (as they call those with natural sales talent by virtue of personality) can certainly with the leads provided in his lead funnel operation “up sell” his way to financial success with the numerous MLM programs embedded in Rory’s platform.

Question is, however, can a person blog without the up sells, as the cash cow, and earn any significant money from organic search traffic through optimized SEO, there?  This author seriously doubts that claim.

People looking for a way to build and earn 100 dollars per day with online business are immediately put to work there modifying hundreds of links which reference to Rory until modified with links created in very specific offers as directed top down (saving Amazon and other prime affiliate programs for $ 275.00 later … more on this below) from Rory and his staff.

RRR247:  What to expect (from a former insider):  Evidence here:

Congratulations to these Instructors for the most PBS sales for the previous week.

  1. DONNA MEYER (Master System Instructor)
  2. MARIA SANCHEZ (Sr. Executive System Instructor)
  3. KATHLEEN METZLER (Sr. Executive System Instructor)
  4. DEBBIE LIZEE (Master System Instructor)
  5. CHRIS QUEEN (Executive System Instructor)
  6. Paul Feldman (Master System Instructor)
  7. Jennifer Langford (Sr. Executive System Instructor)
  8. Shane Belceto (Sr. Executive System Instructor)
  9. Frances Bibbs (Certified System Instructor)
  10. Anthony Joyner (Executive System Instructor)

A Cash prize is awarded to the TOP 3 of the TOP 10 .


1) expect to spend weeks or months replacing Rory’s personal affiliate links (hundreds of them … 20 or more per page).

2) realize if you miss one of these and that happens to be the one your potential customer clicks, Rory will get the sale.  (So don’t miss one).

3) as you near the finish of modifying your links then the attention will be on modifying the content from Rory once again them claiming you need to modify at least 50% to be considered the author of the content.

4) meanwhile, unaware, you are actually in the “flow” Rory’s means of getting you off the ideas concerning organic search traffic and passive income to the “anchor offers”, the DC Cellars Wine Distributorship program either Premium Wine Lover or Elite Wine Lover.  ($249.00 or $499.00 respectively) (These pay $   125.00 and $ 250.00 Fast Start Bonus respectively), then as a classic binary MLM, the usual residual income is set up for the successful.

5) The snafu of course is redirecting those looking to build a business online to becoming instead phone room salespeople to involve themselves in the MLM plans.  (Only place there is any money there).

6)  More anchor offers follow most notably Valentus “magic weight loss coffee” featuring $ 59.00 containers of instant coffee and other alleged healthy energy and weight loss formulas with “top secret” neuro-formula ingredients to suppress appetite.

7)  Finally, the anchor offers per the required (to do list, “or else” (Rory assigns PBS buyers to instructors, these days) for instructors) in the A-Team Trello Boards, off limits to all but the accomplished.  (Author Chris Queen formerly had access to every Trello Board and knows RRR247 intimately).  This list includes $ 275.00 for Super affiliate Access, alleged as a great value from Rory, which includes            Amazon (Go Here) which is free to anyone.  Rory only wants $ 275.00 more dollars, for what is free and/or much less expensive, actually inexpensive if purchased independently).  Looks like Fraud!

8) Clumsy execution of work environment needing to access, your “Online Amazing Offers”, site, then Trello (several boards if you become privileged) then the google apps. google voice, Goya Schedule, your E mail and Skype, where the training is on you, as the mentor, for any persons you gather as leads, students and anchor students.  Or you can just say go watch the videos, as many instructors do there.  The video array is disconnected and clumsy to use like the rest of what this writer calls Rory’s Rickshaw.

9)  RRR247 is getting group training classes one session per week in the daytime, one in the PM and one on Saturday, as was the stated plan, to alleviate training requirements, freeing time up, so more wine can be sold.

10) Rory’s videos are scattered on many links, as also the entire set up and it is cumbersome for working.

11)  Bottom line training classes and all improvements you are still entering a stream designed, not to create online business/affiliate marketing; rather, to be up sold and rise or fall on your ability to close the wine program.   Sell things such as $ 59.00 cans of instant coffee and willingness to pay $ 275.00 for affiliate programs costing a fraction of that, in reality, including some which are free for the applying.



Wealthy Affiliate:  What to expect (as reported one who has upgraded to premium for $ 19.00)

1) FREE (can have 7 days or forever for free)  Seven day trial includes everything WA offers, IN TRAINING, PLUGINS ETC.

2)  At the end of seven days the free program allows 2 free websites, no more than 30 searches on Jaxxy and an end to the Boot Camp and further training as well the Group Chat and mentoring all goes away.

3)  Awesome interaction with the gallery in WA including new people still in the free program, to many mentors with years of experience, willing to help and many of these follow new students in the chats and then receive and answer both public and private messages.

4)  Therefore you are not isolated as with many other programs by being at the mercy of a single alleged expert.

5)  Awesome work and learning environment emanating from a single dashboard page within Wealthy Affiliate’s well thought out, well developed set up for ergonomic joy compared to the “clumsy disarrangement” within RRR 247.

6)  Comparing the ease of use at WA, AFTER A COUPLE OF WEEKS, there is zero chance anyone would return to the clumsy, cluttered mess of the work space and work flow problems which are nonexistent here at Wealthy Affiliate.

7)  Expect ZERO up sells or pressure from Kyle or Carson to buy into MLM’s or the like.

8)  Expect Traffic.  I am already getting search engine traffic after two weeks!

This is my perception after working through the training as a premium member which cost $ 19.00 for 30 more days of access to all Wealthy Affiliate offers.  I have nearly completed the second Boot Camp Training had much interaction with others in the WA program.  The lessons all involve affiliate marketing and the content for the student’s chosen niche.


Cost:  RRR247:  Might get in for $ 77.00 plus $ 87.95 (for Power Blogging System, a term made up by Rory Ricord)  Or:  $ 77.00 + $ 47.00 + $ 37.00 + $ 87.95 for the PBS (The BUPKIS PLAN, you buy extra bupkis!) Or; just call customer service and get in for just the cost of the PBS $ 87.95.

Cost:  Wealthy Affiliate:  Premium upgrade from FREE, FREE Yes FREE.  Premium is $ 19.00  (must do this before the free trial expires … 7 days) for the first 30 days, giving you access to everything as far a training and tools, then $ 49.00 per month, valued at over $ 250.00 if purchased independently, including 2400 WP plugins and MORE, MORE, MORE.  Kyle and Carson boast there has not been any price increase ever.  If you have come here as a result of my post links, I offer you a bonus inasmuch as while your free trial of seven days proceeds you decide to up grade to Premium for $ 19.00 to get an extended look, The following bonus will be yours:  1) Open access to classrooms targeting specific training; 2) Open Access to Training modules; 3) Open access to training courses; 4) open access to videos; 5) Open access to live classes; 6) Open access to private message support; 7) Open access to 100% higher affiliate commissions; 8)  Open access to expert help.  Please GO HERE and SIGN UP for Wealthy Affiliate Now, before you leave this page.  GO HERE FOR YOUR FREE TRIAL.  It’s FREE.




“Your Revenue Sources Are Unlimited.

598,500,000 Products YOU Can Instantly Sell.

Once you have traffic, you need to “make money” from this traffic. This is the fun part. Without spending a dime, you can promote all the top brands in the world through affiliate programs. As a Wealthy Affiliate member, you’ll learn how you can choose from close to 600 MILLION products/services and easily promote them on your website. No inventory. No shipping. No support required.” (END WA QUOTE)

The preceding quote and the image file images above at the right were taken from Wealthy Affiliate page for new Marketing Students to enter the fabulous training, website building and business building network of helpful affiliate marketers withing the WA environment.

These great affiliate sellers listed on the right above are household names and the whose who of marketing online.  While scammers and other purveyors of fraud fool some of the people all of the time these, most notably amazon offer affiliate marketers their affiliate program for free.  FREE also is a test drive of the great program with wealthy affiliate.  Can’t fool all the people all the time.  Come to Wealthy Affiliate for the great program to help you make 100 dollars per day online.  GO HERE! 

How To Start An Online Business For Free.

How to start an online business for free.  Ideally, some shoestring is better than none, as a phrase “On a Shoestring” is sometimes necessary.  The best way to start a business is clearly not for free.  The idea speaks to need and necessity, not the best of foundations.  It is possible, however, from this perspective.  What perspective?  The perspective of having been introduced to the training I am currently undergoing, in the Wealthy Affiliates training program.

Actually, in my best advice you will need a twenty dollar bill.  Actually $ 20.00 on a credit or debit card, which from my understanding can be one of those you load such a net whatever (a visa or mastercard) available at Walgreens.  Do check, as I am not expert in these matters.  My recommendation as one previously swept into another company with whom a bit over $ 400.00 (got most it back in five months, as one of the lucky ones).  Here at Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson, founders, offer a 7 day free trial and this free trial may be kept forever.  But the $ 19.00 upgrade for 30 days will allow you to progress farther in the Boot Camp training.  Level 1 is all you get for the free program at Wealthy Affiliate.  Go HERE Now and build your website now with Kyle’s Help.  Get started today.

This, however, can be enhanced for 30 days for $ 19.00 allowing you to progress through the Boot Camp Training, perhaps even finishing it in that time period.  This also along with the unlimited group chats with well established bloggers and marketeers to help mentor you as well.

The enhanced 30 days includes great training within Kyle’s video helping of affiliate marketing knowledge and access to business aiding Word Press plugins, such Jaxxy with unlimited keyword searches done with Kyle’s direction in the training.  He will help you establish your niche and have a website (first or second day).  Learn to beautify and create content around keywords, you’ve researched using JAXXY and Google, to establish the foundation of your brand.

To this point I have completed level 1 and about a third of level 2 in 12 or so days.  I am completely impressed and plan to keep the Premium Membership in Wealthy Affiliate permanently for $ 49.00 per month for at least a year.  Forever is my plan.  But it can be done for free.

This is the absolute best training this mechanical engineer (BSME) has ever seen.  Elegant is the word to describe the training and the work and learning environments here.  This is the best recommendation I can make for any of you who are forced to build an online business without abundant resources.   Chris Queen 11/06/2018


How to make 100.00 per day online, then grow to make 5,000 per month online, then 10,000 per month online.  Chris Queen, Reporting the truth, as always.  Knowledge for earning online is key.  I have learned more about building online business in the first six days in the Wealthy Affiliate comprehensive training, than I learned in six months with RoryRicord NOT com i.e. rrr247.   The work space layout is simple and the presented information in Wealthy Affiliate is, as result, efficient to use.  As consequence, my time has grown to allow thinking and actions to begin to grow a business.  After my free trial (7 days) updated to Premium membership yesterday, 30 days test drive of Premium 30 days for $ 19.00.  The site can be kept for free, with less bells and whistles, though the training enhancements in Premium are vital to newcomers and experienced alike.  Also a great value for those more experienced, depending on their need for plugins etc.  Exploring, How to make 100 per day online, and share the experience.  Here are my findings and recommendations thus far:

RATINGS COMPARISON Between Wealthy Affiliate and also called RRR247.  I call it “Rory’s Rickshaw.”  See Page: Rory Ricord NOT com.   

Wealthy Affiliate:

  1. Comprehensive Information:    7 out of 7
  2. Ease Of Use:                               7 out of 7
  3. Access To Assistance:              7 out of 7
  4. Response from Owners:            7 out of 7
  5. Enthusiastic Outlook:                7 out of 7
  6. Mental Organization:                  7 out of 7
  7. Cost of Initiation to Training:     7 out of 7                  $ 0.00 IT’S FREE TO TEST DRIVE!!!  Test Drive Wealthy Affiliate HERE Free indefinitely works also.  Best for the experienced.  


Finally, the Training website, tools, your website access and all communication tools within Wealthy Affiliate,  are in one spot.  Therefore, this a joy compared to rrr247.  Come, however, and try it for free!  Let’s learn how to make 100 per day online, together.  Make 100 per day online.  This reasonable goal can be achieved in months, per WA.



Rory Ricord NOT Com:

1. Comprehensive Information:         2 out of 7  Scattered/Links/Student, mentors who may or may not know what they are doing, or care.

2. Ease of Use:                                     1 out of 7  Confusing array of apps. That do not work well together. Clunky.

3. Access to Assistance:                    1 out of 7  Sit in front of your computer waiting for days to get questions answered.

4. Response from Owner:                   2 out of 7  Nearly non-existent. He does respond if you show signs of being a high performer.  I was contacted by Rory.

5. Enthusiastic Outlook:                      0 out of 7  Build a business and then be shut down, robbed. Not a unique story, we find!  Shut down whenever Rory felt like it.  Is that a business?

6. Mental Oganization:                         1 out of 7  Most disorganized mess of an alleged organization I have ever seen.

7. Cost of Initiation to Training:  Oh please!  Varies. $ 77.00 + $87.95 nonrefundable or $ 77.00 + $ 47.00 + $ 37.00 + $ 87.95 (Bupkis Plan) or just the $ 87.95. (Figures based on Chis Queen’s experience in CMS Support with Rory’s outfit).  Rory R.I.C.O.

8.  His former partner, Steve, told me “Rory has never paid on his alleged $ 500.00 money back guarantee.


Goal:  Make $ 100 per day online.  Process:  How to make 100 per day online.

First of all, the experience here at Wealthy Affiliate has been thorough, organized, pertinent and informative.  One price structure for all.  No BUPKIS Program.  I have gotten through 80% of Boot Camp Series 1 in six days.  There are 7 phases of the WA Boot Camp training.  These phases are laid out in organized sequence. The training can be interrupted, then continued from where you left off with a click.  The approach here is basing your business on your interests to develop through JAXXY —INCLUDED/All Programs– key word analysis to develop your own niche, keywords.  As the result, the system efficiency, Kyle and Carson have developed is fabulous.  Consequently it is self-contained within one concise software platform –single window– it is therefore easy to use.   Organized result, Wealthy Affiliate 1,000 times easier to use, than Rory’s Rickshaw.  How to earn 100 per day online is right here at WA.  Noting the comparison to the disorganized clumsy array of apps. and such over at RRR247.  Call Chris (985) 326 1577 before you do this.  I guarantee your hatred for their cluttered, clumsy system.  Love will be your response for WA’s set up, the minute you begin a WA test drive.  Consequently, the easy to follow system will show how to make 100 per day online.


Further, by contrast, the training at Rory’s Rickshaw, falls on the instructor spending hours in training sessions one on one in Skype sharing the screen to teach the skills required to modify hundreds of links created in affiliate providers.  Next is the modifying of Rory’s content to gain author status with google.  Beginning from this angle wastes weeks or months of time spent away from learning and doing anything to actually promote traffic and a business.  In all fairness, this writer invested a little over $ 400.00 in PBS/Wine Program and made most of his money back in five months.


Of first importance, the training at Wealthy Affiliate is elegant by comparison, with an organized array sourced in one place.  Time savings for the WA user compared to RRR247 is huge.  FREE TRIAL version, by comparison, I thought I had died and gone to the University.  And most important, the videos, written text, discussions and designated activities continuously moving the user forward are simple.  An eight year old can do this.  The unlimited access chats are invaluable.  Many seasoned veterans actually sharing what they know.  Consequently, I upgraded on my seventh day to premium ($19.00).   As a result, I know what a doctorate in affiliate marketing looks like.   Still simple and straight ahead yet comprehensive.  I’m keeping it!  Therefore, there is not a chance I’d go back to the misery that is back at Rory’s Rickshaw.  Because no one likes to ride a bicycle with square wheels.  Test Drive The WA Luxury Ride HERE


Further this writer knowing rrr247 is singly dependent on the up sold anchor offers it is in its essence a sham and not completely genuine.  This in spite of the promise from Rory for gobs of leads produced through the “lead funnel’ operation there.  This writer is now the wiser and would never recommend the prior outfit to anyone.  In conclusion, with 25 free websites, available trial and error/experimentation, actual assistance, will bring success for anyone who follows the Wealthy Affiliate training.  How to make 100 per day online will be done through this great learning and business building set up.  Doing a Wine/Western States niche along with promoting my books and my record with wealthy affiliate.  In conclusion, here quoting the Rolling Stones, “Wild Horses Couldn’t Drag Me Away.”  Great work Kyle and Carson.  Consequently I am recommending at least a free trial to any who want to learn affiliate marketing–6.8 Billion Dollar Industry– as an online business.  Chris Queen 11/03/2018.  If you have come here as a result of my post links, I offer you a bonus inasmuch as while your free trial of seven days proceeds you decide to up grade to Premium for $ 19.00 to get an extended look, The following bonus will be yours:  1) Open access to classrooms targeting specific training; 2) Open Access to Training modules; 3) Open access to training courses; 4) open access to videos; 5) Open access to live classes; 6) Open access to private message support; 7) Open access to 100% higher affiliate commissions; 8)  Open access to expert help.  Please GO HERE Now, before you leave this page.





I have been involved in their training over at Wealthy Affiliate for six days now.  Leaned more in six days about online business and affiliate marketing than I learned at RoryRicord NOT com in 6 months.  I have gotten far enough into their training to say it is way more relevant to online business than what I experienced before.  Further points of comparison.  The other guy offers a constructed site where he has determined his idea of peoples’ interest.  Today I watched a video, by Kyle (founder of WA) on Jaxxy and how to use it for detailed research on key words.  Key words being what people type in when they are searching a subject online.  The last six days have made me a believer.  Later this week (tomorrow) I plan to upgrade my Wealthy Affiliate, membership to Premium for 19.00 and will keep you posted on the quality of the training which is very good to this point.  Access to Amazon, Shopify Etsey, Ebay and the others, as an affiliate being automatic here FREE at WA is called an Anchor offer at RoryRocord NOT com, he seeks to sell you for $ 275.00, as part of “the flow.”  That is a RIP OFF.  Former Amazon supervisor (warehouse) told us in a training meeting that “Amazon will let anyone sell anything to anyone.”  Wealthy Affiliate charges ZERO, additional for Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Ebey.  Because, as this writer suspects, the other guy’s websites draw little organic traffic, him claiming fabulously written content is required.  The mentors here at WA state you do not have to be a good writer to draw search traffic, and this is among the widespread misinformation.  Ricord will keep you busy writing to obfuscate the realities.  His scatter gun approach is basscrackackwards and draws little trafficas his former partner concedes.  Consequently, he has mentors (one on one support … also mostly ignorant … to the game) sell you things to bring income.  GO HERE for your free seven day test drive of the training at Wealthy Affiliate.  I recommend it.  Please comment your own findings below.  One more comment:  It may be some will say revealing the truth about RoryRicord while promoting another program is a credibility problem.  FREE TRIAL HERE.  If you like the training spend $ 19.00 for another month.  If you are convinced then, spend $ 49.00 to stay and keep learning.  It will cost you $ 150.00 or so to try Rory’s which I can’t recommend, based on their training, and the difficult navigation and you can get only $ 77.00 of it back.  Just the facts.


Online business.  Rory  “Rory Ricord NOT com” “Why You might, Why You Should NOT” is an expose’ by a former insider to the phenomenon.  With so many searching for an online business, light, is here revealed.  During this author’s five months, there, he experienced “fair haired boy” status, for a time, then his work was stolen out from under him.  This expose’ reveals the journey he made through Blogging With Rory and the Power Blogging System, in 2018.  Rory’s Rickshaw.

Rory Ricord NOT com. 10/26/2018.  Writing from the black hole that is my Rory Ricord dot com.  My website,  Rory Ricord this author notices can be easily modified to read Rory R.I.C.O.  The man has a successful history in marketing.  However, he has been linked to shady sites according to some courts.  The story I heard was that he made it big marketing before the introduction of Microsoft Windows. ®  Ricord then realized the internet was the coming thing.  Consequently, he set out to find ways to market goods online.  Finally, in 2016 -though claims of inception vary- he started his current business, Rory  Recently updated to the name rrr247.  A better option HERE


Rory is not a monster.  He’s  fairly nice guy with a claimed desire to help others.  However, there are some issues he needs to address.  People he has now and has had running things, in the recent past, are of deficient character in this author’s opinion.  Further, his narcissism is skin deep with his repeated boasting of the money he is spending to do marketing and gather leads for his system participants.  With rabid fans aboard “cheer leading” the way, things reach a worshipful like mania.  Definitely a cult mentality.

Meanwhile, after convincing many looking for a way to make money online, of the panacea, online business, the cast of characters are the usual sinners described by the apostle in Romans 1: 1-32.  Like the rest of us earth bound misfits the claim of sainthood and adoration is out of place.  There is one savior of the world and his name is not Rory Ricord.

In May 2018, this writer had an accident on the job breaking his ribs.  Only hurts when you lay down, sit, stand, breath, laugh, cough or move.  Consequently, the writer, began searching for a a solution to the bill problem. Online business  That is how this writer got hooked into the controversial online blogging system, Blogging With Rory.


John Doe was the first to call me, after I spent my $ 77.00 to get my online business, I thought.  He informed me I had paid for the alleged “lifetime network”, and for him as one on one trainer and support.  He told me I needed a website to do business.  Called it the Power Blogging System, PBS, for short.  Spent my $87.95 on the PBS.  A day later, I got an E mail just like John Doe said I would.  It had my Pay Pal info., my link for WordPress Dashboard Access, my encrypted password my username and my URL.  Not sure who really owns the url?  All of this information is available to anyone with Goya access in Trello, publicly displayed password included.

Called John Doe and he spent and hour or so helping me change the links (URL’s) in one of the pages of my blog, to open in another tab and then return my traffic/customer(s) to my site.  John Doe, never mentioned editing content for original content to be considered the “author” by Google Adsense and rating (op pf a relevant search page) to receive organic search traffic.  That approval, from google, monetizes a website through pay per click and the addition of more lucrative advertising placed by google.  Problem number one with the setup.  Those who dream of having a business online there, are often at the mercy of an instructor who does not know how things work, or does not care.  A friend told me John Doe got his google adsense approval in a month, twice They lost his site) so it appears, he does not care.


Another observation, of potential fraud, aside from “public passwords” is the 77.00 for the online business network for some, is the total, while others are charged an extra $47.00 often then an additional $37.00.  Yes it looks like fraud.  Those so charged, often call customer service (?) and are told “you paid for VIP training and “one on one support.”  Actually, if you were charged, extra fees for “upgrades” you had additional unnecessary money –“stolen” (??)– from you with your permission, authorizing the sale.  You bought Bupkis.  Deny it Rory!  This while others who call in before they pay at the portal, at all, are congratulated because they have a free ride coming since they called, instead of throwing money away.  They are ushered straight into a PBS for $87.95.  Rory R.I.C.O.


Anchor offers?  Anchor offers, as the writer knows now, are the business, the writer doubting organic search claims.  Like Sears, Nordstrom, Penny’s, Macy’s etc, “anchor stores” keep the Sun Glass Spot and all the other smaller stores alive, the Anchor Offers keep the blog alive.  Essentially on life support, this writer believes.  Without the necessary cash flow there is no business there (rrr247) short term.  DC Cellars (Reputable Un-involved third party wine distributor), Valentus (Weight loss Coffee … Instant coffee @ 59.00/can???)  Long term there is money in a successful blog, short term one must do the anchors (at least the wine) for full acceptance into the lead opportunity.

Wine program offers good cash up front for sale of either premium or elite package.  Trello, leads list.  John Doe got me through the door as soon as I bought the wine package as a distributor a couple weeks after I bought the PBS.  A two minute warm up leading to an eleven minutes long sales presentation, video.  Then Bam, upside the head, close in a deal with someone they don’t even know for hundreds of dollars on the web.  No?  No, did not sell a one working the leads in Group 20.


Consequently, after pounding the phone for nearly a month, I told John Doe this cannot work.  These people responded to adds wanting to start an online business, not write a $ 250.00 or $ 500.00 check to strangers on the internet.

Because my one on one support does not support his students, this writer became frustrated and let loose with his command of sailor language on the Skype chat.  Natosha responded by reprimand and removal of the writer from the Trello lead board.  Ignoring students is OK after all the promises, but don’t you dare cuss or complain.


Informed Rory through Facebook messenger and his personal Email of my utter frustration not getting help setting up my site.  Consequently, he responded.  He asked me about the process and the flow.  Process is bringing the leads along to getting the PBS and the flow is getting them modifying their site and getting that wine distributorship.  Consequently, Mary, one of the regular training call instructors, boldly stated, in a training session, she spends 80% of her time with students in the anchor offers.  So if you own a PBS and are being ignored, now you know why.

GOYA (Short for Get Off You A$$)

Rory told me he wanted to get me further along into Goya.  He asked me if I knew “the flow”, then brand new.  I told him I had read it all a couple of times and watched the videos.  Yes.  Then I was invited to a new Goya Board in Trello.  This board has information cards on every new lead in the system.  Each day new leads are added and every week there is a new board.  The Goya Game they call it.  JTL or Jump The Lead is the way it is played.  Name, number, address, Email address etc., are on the cards.  Contact them and put your picture on the card

The point is to bring them through the “process” to get them into a PBS.  The one who gets the lead into PBS becomes their one on one support.  The cards then move to the A-Team board to get them in the “flow”.  One and one half hour training session to get them into Computta, Xceltrip, Coinbase,, (owned by Rory) and these being the affiliates where the links are created.


Anyone who gets this far receives the Zoiper phone for incoming customer service calls.  Job one in these calls is to turn the leads who want their refund around through the BRT (Building Relationship of Trust).  First week on incoming calls made the top ten PBS sales list.  The following week, had to slow it down to learn to keep everything organized.  Getting many more students by then. So staying on top of it all was very hard.  This writer’s wife was amazed he was so successful at turning them around from refund to “leads in the process.”

The third week this writer closed seven PBS sales, however, Pay Pal was not approving them all.  Pay Pal told one of those struggling with entry, the problem was on rrr247’s end.  Is the Goya game rigged?  Those who buy the PBS then enter “the flow” which is “cult speak” for get them into the wine program since Rory benefits from every sale or distributorship.  Also sell the Fifty nine dollar cans of instant coffee too.  Any takers?


Sitting in front of the silent computer screen for hours, everyday, for several days turning into weeks was the final experience with John Doe.  John Doe has added 43 people to the wine down line of the author in August thru October (more since).  That’s what he’s interested in.  Personally sponsoring people into the wine program for the fast start bonus, and residual income.  He does not have time for annoying training sessions.


Rory sent his big training guy, let’s call him Borus, to manage the writer who had made waves, informing all he had been ignored by John Doe.  All by the way, documented in Skype with much dialog from them all.  Including the dialog(s) of the end of this writer’s association with the “lifetime membership in the network” he was unceremoniously removed from access to the Trello boards ending his access to his students and their information.  All of this the result of the customer service complaint by an abusive unfortunate who thought he could get access to a million dollar business posting a few links for $ 77.00.  When the writer revealed the further requirement for $ 87.95 for the PBS, the unfortunate went further ballistic accusing and abusing and demanding his money back, right now, right now.  That call lasted for a long time the lead abusing the writer verbally the entire time.


The writer had become impatient by then, being called a scammer and the like.  Not very gently, the writer placed the information card in the refund column.  He told the guy that was what he was authorized to do.  More abuse!  Then the guy called in a couple more times complaining and calling the writer out before all on Goya, the abuser complaining he did not want to work with the writer.  The others wrote all this on the card for all to see.  Slander is what it is called.


So a couple days later the writer was suddenly removed from the 4th Quarter A-Team board, the Current Goya Game Board then after telling Rory, don’t ask me to take anymore incoming calls, due to the slander.  The writer received a text from Rory informing he would receive a conference call from Rory and Borus to discuss all of this.

When the phone call did not come the writer composed a short message to his students and leads.  The message informed them they do not own any business.  They operate at the whim of Bors and Rory.  Mere employees!  Further, their efforts can be done away with at any time.  All true!  The Narcissist Rory then reacted with “after all I have done for you” martyrdom and informed the writer he had ended his ability to participate in rrr247.  But that is what was paid for.  Rory’s $ 500.00 guarantee is worthless.


The only person that has any guarantee for ongoing business at rrr247 i.e. is Rory and his “life time membership” in the “network” ends whenever he so decides.  So, if you are in a job you don’t like you can delude yourself.  Start a rrr247/ business, however, realizing you can build there and have it all swept away.  Getting rid of a bad work situation or abusive boss might end in the guy who would not provide the promised, “one on one support” to begin with, gaining all your students for his own, as happened here.  John Doe wins for failure to train his students.  That is Rory’s Rickshaw in camera, from an insider.


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