How To Start An Online Business For Free.

How to start an online business for free.  Ideally, some shoestring is better than none, as a phrase “On a Shoestring” is sometimes necessary.  The best way to start a business is clearly not for free.  The idea speaks to need and necessity, not the best of foundations.  It is possible, however, from this perspective.  What perspective?  The perspective of having been introduced to the training I am currently undergoing, in the GO HERE Wealthy Affiliate’s training program.

Actually, in my best advice you will need a twenty dollar bill.  Actually $ 20.00 on a credit or debit card, which from my understanding can be one of those you load such a netspend or whatever (a re-loadable visa or mastercard) available at Walgreens.  Do check, as I am not expert in these matters.  My recommendation as one previously swept into another company with whom a bit over $ 400.00 was the actual requirement (got most it back in five months, as one of the lucky ones).  Here at Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson, founders, offer a 7 day free trial and this free trial may be kept forever.  But the $ 19.00 upgrade for 30 days will allow you to progress farther in the Boot Camp training.  Level 1 is all you get for the free program at Wealthy Affiliate.  Go HERE Now and build your website now with Kyle’s Help.  Get started today.

This, however, can be enhanced for 30 days for $ 19.00 allowing you to progress through the Boot Camp Training, perhaps even finishing it in that time period.  This also along with the unlimited group chats with well established bloggers and marketeers to help mentor you as well.

The enhanced 30 days includes great training within Kyle’s video helping of affiliate marketing knowledge and access to business aiding Word Press plugins, such Jaxxy with unlimited keyword searches done with Kyle’s direction in the training.  He will help you establish your niche and have a website (first or second day).  Learn to beautify and create content around keywords, you’ve researched using JAXXY and Google, to establish the foundation of your brand.

To this point I have completed level 1 and about a third of level 2 in 12 or so days.  I am completely impressed and plan to keep the Premium Membership in Wealthy Affiliate permanently for $ 49.00 per month for at least a year.  Forever is my plan.  But it can be done for free.

This is the absolute best training this mechanical engineer (BSME) has ever seen.  Elegant is the word to describe the training and the work and learning environments here.  GO HERE NOW!  GET STARTED TODAY!  This is the best recommendation I can make for any of you who are forced to build an online business without abundant resources.   Chris Queen 11/06/2018

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